About Us

History of H. E. Rieckelman

At H.E. Rieckelman, we have been industry leaders for almost 70 years. In 1953, the company was formed by John Rieckleman to service the Ontario and Eastern Canada cooling tower market as the exclusive manufacturer’s rep for Baltimore Aircoil Company. John’s vision was to provide the premier cooling tower on the market and stand behind that product with exceptional service – a vision we hold to this day.

We are a full service HVAC distribution company; we pride ourselves on exceptional service, knowledge and a suite of industry leading custom manufactured HVAC products. We work closely with customers – building owners and developers, consulting engineers and contractors – to provide full engineered solutions.

Whether it is a new application, a replacement or retrofit, we have the specialized knowledge and expertise in house. Throughout our history we have delivered engineered solutions all over the world and across numerous industries. Please contact us to see how we can help you.